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50m2 Water Underfloor Heating Kit – 4 Zone System

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-       4 Port Kit with Pressure Gauge and Auto Air vent x 1 99.95

-       Blending Valve with A Rated Wilo Pump x 1 226.8

-       230V Actuator x 4 45.4

-       8 Zone Wiring Centre x 1 55.44

-       Digital Thermostat x 2 (more can be purchased at additional costs) 65.52

-       Trackrail 14-22mm with Tape x 50 67

-       300m Coil Pex Al Pex Pipe x 1 184.8

-       100m Coil Pex Al Pex Pipe x1 61.6

-       Euroconus Fitting x 8 10.16

-       Taker Clips 60mm 300pcs x 2 12.62

-       Manifold Ball Valve Set 2pcs x 1 14.62




Underfloor heating has become the choice of many. Do you ever envy your friends when they have an underfloor heating system where you can walk around barefooted and relax in the mild comfy heat? Be the envy of your friends. Underfloor heating systems in most cases are more cost effective than traditional heating systems. Go for an affordable and economical plan to heat up your room.


This is a wet underfloor heating solution that will heat up 50m2 of floor. Our kits contain parts that are manufactured from the best quality components while available at very reasonable prices.


Our systems supply everything you need to install the water underfloor heating system. Therefore, you can sit back and relax once you make sure the floor sizing is accurate. Let our experts handle the designing!


If the area has high heat loss, we tend to suggest a 150mm-200mm pipe spacing to ensure your room will achieve ideal performance which is what you will be getting in the kits.


Key Components

At Suntask we offer best quality products from top manufacturers. Each underfloor heating kit consists of an A-rated Wilo pump, 4 port manifold, 4 pcs of 230V actuator, 8 zone wiring centre, 2 digital thermostats, and Pex-Al-Pex pipes.


A-Rated Wilo Pump

A-rated Wilo pump is included in our underfloor heating kit. The compact design enables easy installation and maintenance. Our Wilo Pump is easy to set up and is accessible through a single button. High energy performance can be achieved through the motor in the Pump. You can restart or activate long de-blocking routine manually. Error codes are indicated for efficient troubleshooting.


4 Port Brass Underfloor Heating Manifolds

A light, durable, and fully furnished manifold centre for heating circuits. Our premium range of brass underfloor heating manifolds are manufactured to international standard ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, TUV SUD, and WRAS to offer outstanding performance & reliability. Each kit comes with a flow manifold, a return manifold, flow meter per port, isolation valve per port, isolation ball valves with temperature gauge, drain & fill point, pressure gauge, automatic air vents, and pre-fitted mounting bracket. Our 4 port manifolds provide easy connection for 4 underfloor heating loops. The return manifold and flow manifold are connected to the mounting bracket that allows the underfloor heating flows to move onwards to the return manifold. The ball valves on the underfloor heating manifold connect the heat flow and return by the heat pump. The connectors are also included in this kit.


230V Actuator

The thermal actuator is CE marked in accordance with EN 60529. It is suitable to be mounted on all underfloor heating manifolds, thermostatic valves bodies and three-way valves. It allows automatic shut-off of the system fluid under the control of a room thermostat or another electrical switching device. The compact design makes it easy to install. No tools are required for fittings. The connection has 2 wires with one valve per loop. The actuator operates in silence. It is by default closed but can be opened manually.

8 Zone Wiring Centre

The UH8 makes controlling the individual areas of your underfloor heating extremely simple and can be used with any of our multi-zone underfloor heating systems. It can also be used with radiator systems and is not exclusive to underfloor heating. It is an ideal item for larger underfloor heating systems, the UH8 8 zone wiring centre provides a wiring solution for underfloor heating, radiators, and hot water control. It offers connections for up to eight thermostats for separate control of 8 rooms.

The 8 zone wiring centre is compatible with all of our 230v thermostats including the slimline, touchscreen & neo range, and comes fitted with a volt free connector making it compatible with most conventional boilers. Wiring is made so simple by the neon display which features clearly labelled terminals of each component. It is fuse protected.


Inside the UH8 are 2 heating channels and 2 additional time channel connections. These provide connections for hot water control and other auxiliary devices as well as 4-channel time clocks and set-back thermostats.

Digital Thermostats

Looking for an easy way to control your home heating? This weekly circulation digital programming thermostat that comes with an LCD touch screen is your solution. It offers 6 event options every day, 7 day programmable. Manual mode and programme mode could be selected. The thermostat helps reduce energy consumption and heating costs. It is recommended for control of electric heating devices or on/off valve actuator used in hydronic floor heating. The wall mount on the back of the thermostat enables simple installation. The interface adopts a user-friendly design and is as straightforward as possible. For safety this digital thermostat is in compliance with EU Directives 2011/65/EU and 2015/863.

Pex-Al-Pex Pipes (WRAS approved)

Pex-Al-Pex multilayer pipes consist of two layers of cross-linked PEX (polyethylene), two layers of adhesive and one intermediate layer of aluminium. They are considered an evolution of Pex pipes as they guarantee higher safety by its Pex-Al-Pex layers which improves creep resistance. In addition, Pex-Al-Pex pipes can bear the hardest working conditions as they are designed to bear up to 95ºC and 10 bars pressure.


Compared to other ultrasound overlapped multilayer pipes, Pex-Al-Pex is butt welded which fuses both ends of the aluminium sheet, which results in the highest possible resistance of the welding line to any other line of the aluminium layer. Whereas when the aluminium layer is welded by ultrasound the aluminium does not melt and it does not form a welding. In certain circumstances the aluminium sides may fall apart.


In our butt welded Pex-Al-Pex multilayer pipes the resistance of the welding line is surprisingly the firmest point of the aluminium layer, being superior to any other line of the aluminium layer. They provide high safety in the long-term and resistance to corrosion, deposits, and tuberculation, and are tough and durable to survive through installations. Aluminium layers can prevent oxygen from permeating into the pipe. Pex-Al-Pex pipes offer flexibility as well as stiffness to hold its shape. Being compact and lightweight, they are easy to transport. And they have less linear longitudinal thermal expansion and contraction than standard Pex. All the advantages make Pex-Al-Pex pipes your best option for the underfloor heating system.




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