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Taker Clips 40mm(300)

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Taker Clips 40mm(300)


40mm or 60mm barbed pipe staples to secure 15 or 16mm underfloor heating pipe to insulation board prior to screeding. The rigid clips are tough and durable and can easily be pushed into Kingspan/Celotex insulation by hand with the barbs providing a firm hold on the pipe. The pipe clips are also compatible with the separately sold staple gun. Suntask pipe staples are not only great for your underfloor heating system but also come in handing in holding any pipework in insulation prior to screeding.


When installing multilayer pipe we recommend using a minimum of 1 clip per metre to hold it in place, and 2-3 clips on each return. An alternative to pipe staples is the clip rail which can reduce installation times by accurately spacing the pipe centres without measuring and removing the tedious task of pushing in hundreds of clips. If using grips rails we recommend purchasing clips as well for the returns. Clips are also a good way to secure any loose fitting rails that fail to stay in place.



High grade U shaped pipe clips
Barbed ends secures pipe firmly to insulation board
300 per box
Tough and durable
Quick and simple to work with
Compatible with the seperately sold clip gun


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