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Gone are the days when you adjust the thermostat from the wall or flick on a switch to heat the water. Now you can experience smart heating controls with our advanced thermostats and return home to a warm, comfortable environment. It automatically responds to activity, occupancy, and weather patterns. 

It has an intelligent recovery function that brings your room temperature to a set temperature at the exact pre-set time by turning on the heating. It also evaluates your energy use to give you actual insight into how much you are consuming so you can make a real impact. 

The best advantage lies within the smart thermostat app. It allows you to adjust or change the settings of your heating controls anytime and from anywhere. Wi-Fi heating controls allow you to turn on or off the heat in your home from anywhere.

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Heating Thermostats

With many years of experience and innovation in heating devices, brings thermostats to control different settings, including room thermostats, Wi-Fi thermostat, and floor thermostat. The powerful technology learns your daily regime and automatically switches your heating and water on and off, so you always return to a warmer home.

You can save yourself ample time by investing in a Wi-Fi or digital thermostat. They can be connected to the internet and give you the ability to control your heating from your smartphone, even when you are not at home.

Whether you require an electric floor heating thermostat or a technologically advanced smart floor heating controller, we have many options to suit your heating needs. Avoid energy wastage and enjoy big savings on energy bills by installing our heating thermostats.

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