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Aluminium Spreader Plate-1000mm x 390mm

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Aluminium Spreader Plate-1000mm x 390mmAluminium Spreader Plate-1000mm x 390mmAluminium Spreader Plate-1000mm x 390mmAluminium Spreader Plate-1000mm x 390mm


Durable aluminium spreader plate for installing warm water underfloor heating over suspending or joisted floors. Designed for standard output systems using 200mm pipe centres.

Each plate measures 1000mm x 395mm. For standard 400mm joists.

Our 500 micron (0.5mm) aluminium spreader plate offers a straightforward solution to installing wet underfloor heating between timber joist floors where screeding is not possible. The spreader plates sit on top of the joists and nailed in place using flat head nails or screws. Pipe is pushed into the omega shaped grooves for a tight and secure fit.


Suntask Aluminium Spreader Plate (1000 mm x 395 mm) with 200mm grooves which enables a homogenous heat transmission.

There is a 1/2 round groove running the length of the plate which guarantees the secure positioning of the pipe.

Use screws or nails to fit Suntask Aluminium Spreader Plates between joists or battens on wood flooring and install underfloor heating in groove.

Can be ordered in any amount to suit any size of project.

Ideal for high heat loss areas or lower water temperature.

Ensures even and quick distribution across total floor area.



Length: 1000mm

Width: 395mm

Thickness of metal: 0.5mm

Depth of groove: 18mm

Grooves: 200mm centres

Coverage: 2.5 plates / 1.0m²

For wood joists at 400mm centres

Holds 15 & 16mm pipe firmly in place

Ensures an even spread of heat across the total floor area

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