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Thermal Actuator Head 230V

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SKU : UHPPC-2033-230

Thermal Actuator Head 230V


A thermal actuator head is a necessary component of your underfloor heating system to maximasing the benefits of your underfloor heating system. The valve on the underfloor heating manifold is opened and closed by the thermal actuator head according to the signal from the room thermostat or digital programmable thermostat.


The thermal actuator head is suitable to be mounted on all underfloor heating manifolds, thermostatic valves bodies and three-way valves. It allows automatic shut-off of the system fluid under the control of a room thermostat or another electrical switching device.


Thermal Actuators

Thermal actuators are a type of device that transforms energy into motion. A thermal actuator is a non-electric motor made of components such as a piston and a thermal sensitive material which allows it to be capable of producing linear motion in response to temperature changes. This is because the materials used in a thermal actuator are thermal-sensitive and they respond to slight fluctuations in temperature which causes actuator’s piston component to move. When a thermal actuator is exposed to an increase in temperature, the thermal-sensitive materials inside expand which drives a piston out of the actuator. These materials retract as temperatures drop which in turn makes the piston to retract.


Unlike other devices, outside power source is not required by a thermal actuator head to produce motion. In a thermal actuator system, tasks such as release latches, operate switches and open or close valves can be performed by sensing temperature changes. Thermal actuators are very sensitive and can respond to even very slightly temperature changes. They come in handy for many applications, for example, automotive, the aerospace, solar systems, underfloor heating systems, agricultural industries, etc..


Underfloor Heating Thermal Actuator Heads Features

Normally closed

2 wires as standard

No tools required for fitting

Silent operation

Compact design

CE marked in accordance with EN 60529


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