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8 Zone Wiring Centre

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8 Zone Wiring Centre8 Zone Wiring Centre


An ideal wiring solution for larger underfloor heating systems, radiators, and hot water control. The UH8 8 zone wiring centre offers connections for up to eight thermostats for separate control of 8 rooms. Clearly labelled terminals are featured for simple wiring.

The UH8 makes controlling the individual areas of your underfloor heating extremely simple and can be used with any of our multi-zone underfloor heating systems. The UH8 can also be used with radiator systems and is not exclusively for underfloor heating.

Compatible with all of our 230v thermostats including the slimline, touchscreen & neo range, the UH8 comes fitted with a volt free connector making it compatible with most conventional boilers.  Inside the UH8 are 2 heating time channels and 2 additional time channel connections which are provided for hot water control or other auxiliary devices as well as 4-channel time clocks and set-back thermostats, sold separately. In each zone you can specify which time channel it should follow. When there is demand from any zone, the relevant zone actuator, underfloor heating pump, and valve will be switched with a 230V output. The boiler is supplied with a volt free connection which is compatible with almost all types of boilers.

In addition, the 8 zone wiring centre is supplied with a simple slide switch which makes zone 8 suitable for controlling a radiator zone. When wiring centre being used for controlling radiators, zone 8 does not enable the underfloor heating pump, valve, or boiler. Up to 4 actuators can be connected to each zone.




  • Connect up to 8 thermostats for independent heating control in 8      rooms

  • Compatible with the 230v thermostats

  • Compatible with most conventional boilers

  • Simple side switch moves control over to a radiator system

  • Not exclusive to underfloor heating, can also be used with a      radiator only system

  • Includes wiring diagram

  • Offers DIN Rail Mounting and the

  • Enclosure design allows for cable entry without having to drill cut      outs

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