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Insulated Pipe Red 26 x 3.0 X 25 m

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Insulated Pipe Red 26 x 3.0 X 25 m

Pex-Al-Pex pipe is a coextruded multilayer pressure pipe constructed with crosslinked polyethylene with a welded aluminum tube coating between the internal and external layers. The internal and external crosslinked polyethylene layers are attached to the aluminum tube by a liquefied cement. The pipes consist of two layers of cross-linked PEX (polyethylene), two layers of adhesive and one intermediate layer of aluminium. They are considered an evolution of Pex pipes as they guarantee higher safety by its Pex-Al-Pex layers which improves creep resistance. In addition, Pex-Al-Pex pipes can bear the hardest working conditions as they are designed to bear up to 95ºC and 10 bars pressure.


Compared to other ultrasound overlapped multilayer pipes, Pex-Al-Pex is butt welded which fuses both ends of the aluminium sheet, which results in the highest possible resistance of the welding line to any other line of the aluminium layer. Whereas when the aluminium layer is welded by ultrasound the aluminium does not melt and it does not form a welding. In certain circumstances the aluminium sides may fall apart.


In our butt welded Pex-Al-Pex multilayer pipes the resistance of the welding line is surprisingly the firmest point of the aluminium layer, being superior to any other line of the aluminium layer. They provide high safety in the long-term and resistance to corrosion, deposits, and tuberculation, and are tough and durable to survive through installations. Aluminium layers can prevent oxygen from permeating into the pipe. Pex-Al-Pex pipes offer flexibility as well as stiffness to hold its shape. Being compact and lightweight, they are easy to transport. And they have less linear longitudinal thermal expansion and contraction than standard Pex. All the advantages make Pex-Al-Pex pipes your best option for the underfloor heating system.


Extensive testing for its durability and material performance has been carried out on Pex-Al-Pex pipes after which have been used widely in the European and North American markets. Pex-Al-Pex piping adapts to high temperature and is flexible. It is approved across all model plumbing and mechanical codes, and is commonly used for plumbing, underfloor heating, snow/ ice melting systems etc..


Summary of Pex-Al-Pex piping advantages:

-        Light, compact, easy for transportation

-        Many options for fitting & joining as no flame is used

-        High durability & firm to survive tough installations

-        Non-corrosive as the aluminum layer restricts oxygen from infiltrating into the pipe

-        Less thermal expansion & contraction compared to standard PEX

-        Flexible yet can hold its shape

-        Resistant to tuberculation & deposits

-        Safety of drinking water and reliability in long-term


Application of Pex-Al-Pex Piping:

-        Hot and cold water plumbing distribution

-        Chilled water piping

-        Underfloor heating systems

-        Radiant heating systems

-        Snow & ice melting

-        Turf conditioning & pitch heating

Technical Figures: 

Diameter: 26 mm

Maximum operating temperature: 95°c

Maximum peak temperature: 110°c

Max pressure @ 95°c: 10 bar

Oxygen permeability: 0 mg/l

Thickness of the pipe insulating layers: 3 mm; compliant with d.p.r. No. 412 1993

Length: 25 m

Roughness: 7 μm

Sheath thermal conductivity at 40°c: 0.04 w/mk

Reaction to fire class 1-1

UNI EN ISO 21003 & DIN 4726 compliant




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