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Designer Towel Radiator RAD-AF-FR01006B

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Designer Towel Radiator RAD-AF-FR01006BDesigner Towel Radiator RAD-AF-FR01006BDesigner Towel Radiator RAD-AF-FR01006B

Designer Radiators Ireland Dublin Black Towel Rail Flat Panel Radiators | Heated Towel Rail High Output Radiators

There used to be a time that a radiator was once regarded as a luxury item inside the home. Since then, though, radiators have turned out to an ordinary item inside each and every home. Our series of Adige, Piave, and Savio designer radiators shows the return of extravagance. In case you are looking to create an impact while contributing to something practical, you’ve come to the right place. Our radiators exhibit contemporary looks with individual charms which will create a focal point in your room and go with your stylish design. You are welcome to pay a visit to our site in Parkwest, Dublin. On the other hand, if you order our designer radiator tower rail online, we will dispatch your order the next day straight to your chosen location all around Ireland! If you have any questions with respect to any of our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch now.


Adige Towel Designer Radiator Vertical Black Radiator

·Size 1800h x 500w    Outputs: Chrome    2571BTU      Steel   3254BTU

·100% Comply to EN442.

· Central Hydronic Heating.

· Chrome Plating Available.

· Powder Coating Available (Various Colors Available).

· Supplied with solid wall fixings kit and bleed plugs.

· CE, GS, NF Certificated.

· Low Carbon Steel / Mild Steel.

· Stable Material

· Q195 Steel for Powder Coating.

· SPCC Steel for Chrome Plating.

· Outputs are calculated in line with the European EN442 Testing Standard Delta t50.

· Dry damp bath towel and makes your bathroom warm as well as inviting.

· Adds a sense of comfort and luxury to your bathroom experience.

· Provides an alternative source of heat in the bathroom and helps prevent mould growth.

· Recommended using this product with hot water central heating systems.

· 3 Years Manufacturing Guarantee.


Designer Radiators Bathroom Modern Decorative Radiators

Modern designer radiator tower rail not only are designed to create exquisite style and comfort to the living room, sitting room, bathroom, or really any room of your home but also excel in functionality. Our series of Adige, Piave, and Savio designer radiators help you make the most out of the space by providing high heat output, requiring simple installation, and offering stylish contemporary looks. Get ready to turn your home heating into an appealing feature with style!


Designer radiators are a popular alternative to standard radiators. Our series of in fashion high-performance designer radiators can be depended upon to provide more than just a source of heat in your home. They are a great upgrade in terms of higher efficiency and better appearance, which helps to add to the aesthetics of your home and the sensation of warmth.


Vertical designer radiators are the best for saving space where there is enough height and you need more wall and floor space for other furniture or creative designs. They have a contemporary modern look that introduces a sense of style to any tired-looking rooms of your home effortlessly. Designer radiators can also be a great decorative item that is complementary to your interior design that makes a statement in your space and catches eyes with a focal point. They come with high BTU output that provides a perfect heating solution being both effective and efficient. No matter you have a larger or smaller room, our designer radiators will help you create a warm and welcoming space with style.


Designer Radiators Chrome Powder Coating Flat Panel Radiators

We offer a range of radiators from more traditionally styled ones with a simple look to more contemporarily designed ones that really stand out. The designer radiator tower rail is available in an extraordinary display of finishes and materials such as chrome and powder coating white grey or black that will tailor to your preferences and add value and style to your home. The designer radiators will create an astonishing centerpiece to instantaneously transform the look of your room and enhance the style of your home.


You can easily choose a designer radiator tower rail that matches your room to create an inviting and fashionable atmosphere for your family and your guests. Our series of designer radiators are made from low carbon steel which is a stable material that requires low care and can be powder coated with Q195 steel or chrome-plated with SPCC steel. Three colors white grey and black are available so you can choose whichever matches your decorations simply.


Designer Radiators Free Delivery Dispatch Next Day Ireland Cheap Radiators




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