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3kW 12 Inch , 1 3/4 " BSP Immersion Heaters

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SKU : Cyl-SSSIH-285

3kW 12 Inch , 1 3/4 " BSP Immersion Heaters3kW 12 Inch , 1 3/4 " BSP Immersion Heaters

Your search for the most useful and efficient way of heating water ends with the immersion water heater which is being sold at the best prices on the Internet at SunTask. This immersion water heater has a lot of benefits which makes it a must-have for all homes, around the world. It is very compact in size which ensures that it can effortlessly accommodate cabinets as well as storing places. Just use this product to effortlessly heat water without using too much energy. The heater that we sell has been specifically designed for optimum heat transfer for improved performance. 

It is a very convenient product to use and all you need to do is to dip the heater in a tub, container, or bucket of water and after that, you just need to switch on the heater. It is made from plastic material that is anti-corrosive so you don't have to doubt the durability or the effective functioning of the heater in question. We only sell water heaters that comply with all standards of safety which ensures that the heater is as good for usage at home as it is outdoors. It is one of the best ways for heating water that is required for usage outside of the bathroom. Our heater comes with heat-proof handles which means that it allows for a very comfortable grip.



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