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2W21-15GBN Diaphragm Direct Lifting Solenoid Valve

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SKU : VAL-2W21-15GBN

2W21-15GBN Diaphragm Direct Lifting Solenoid Valve


1.Direct lifting diaphragm construction.

2.Open from 0 bar for low pressure systerm use

3.High frequency of flying lead coil


Type:  2W21-15GSN-S61B-AC220V


Function: No Orifice: DN15-1/2″
Body: Brass Temp: 0-80°C
Voltage: AC220V Pressure: 0-1.0 MPa
Seal: NBR Media: Air Water


What is Solenoid Valve?


It is an electro-mechanical valve often used to control the flow of gas or liquid. It is available in various types, but the most common variants include pilot-operated or direct-acting. Pilot-operated valves use system line pressure to open and close the orifice in the valve body. Direct-acting, on the other hand, directly opens or closes the orifice, which is the only flow path in the valve. They are utilised in a system that needs low flow capacities or application with a low-pressure difference in the orifice.

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