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1"Magnetic Filter Boiler Central Heating Filter Magnaclean

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SKU : HB-AFM-08-03

1"Magnetic Filter Boiler Central Heating Filter Magnaclean1"Magnetic Filter Boiler Central Heating Filter Magnaclean1"Magnetic Filter Boiler Central Heating Filter Magnaclean

MagnaClean Magnetic Filter for Central Heating, Brass Finishing Black Nylon PA66


MagnaClean Magnetic Filter is a powerful filter (3/4 inch Irish connection) which is designed to maximise efficiency of the central heating system and to increase its life. A dirt trap for non-magnetic particles is included. The MagnaClean magnetic filter is suited for all central heating systems. The boiler filter can also serve as a dosing point for liquid chemicals water treatment. There is a fully adjustable stem for bottom mounted air bleed which enables the unit to be entirely emptied and mess-free priming. The inlet and outlet ports are designed for fast fitting into vertical pipes. No additional fittings are needed for this magnet filter. Central heating water can flow through the filter from top to bottom, or bottom to top. The nylon body can bear 10 bar pressure at 82 degrees. 

2 Year Warranty 

Thank you for choosing our MagnaClean magnetic central heating filter. We want you to get the very best performance from it.

Your MagnaClean magnetic filter comes with a market leading 2-year guarantee, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. 

This guarantee specifically excludes losses caused by:

• Misuse or abuse

• Modification or tampering

• Lack of routine maintenance

• Incorrect maintenance

• Accidental damage

• Failure to follow the installation instructions

Important Information for MagnaClean Magnetic Filter :


1. Installation should be carried out by a qualified professional.


2. Please make sure that all components are present. If your magnet filter arrived with any missing or damaged parts, please contact us immediately.

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