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What You Should Know About Solar Thermal System to Reduce Environmental Threat?

Solar energy continues to evolve and grow in popularity due to its practically unlimited usage extent. It can be an environment-friendly alternative in regards to threats of electricity production with fossil fuels. Installation of the solar thermal system could be a smart decision to adopt renewable energy sources and reduce carbon footprint.

A solar thermal system uses sunlight and converts it into heat, carrying various components like a collector, storage technology, and solar regulator system. The crucial element of the solar thermal system is the solar thermal collector that absorbs solar radiation so that water will be heated effectively.

The Benefits of Solar Heating System:

  • Countless amount of energy and that too at no cost
  • No Co2 emissions during operation
  • Cost-saving solution – saves up to 60% less energy to heat water
  • Reduced consumption of hazardous fossil fuels
  • It can be combined with existing systems
  • Modern systems work more efficiently in winter

How Solar Thermal System Works?

As we have mentioned above, the solar thermal system is basically comprised of three elements i.e., collector, storage technology (example boiler or combined storage), and solar regulator system (example temperature difference control). 

The purpose of the collector is to convert the sunlight into heat more effectively. Solar heat is transmitted to a fluid, which transfers the heat to a heat exchanger through pumps with minimum disruption and heat loss. The exchanger transmits the heat into a domestic hot water container. And make sure, the distance between collector and storage tank should be less to reduce heat loss. 

Types of Solar Thermal System

There are two common types of solar thermal systems:

  • A solar heating system that produces hot domestic water
  • A solar power system that is used for supplementary heating 

You can find two kinds of solar thermal collectors in the market:

  • The Evacuated Tube Collector – This is designed with parallel glass tubes and each tube carries two glass tubes (outer and inner glass tubes). In the middle of two glass tubes, there is a vacuum that ensures low heat loss, and an absorber is included in a tube. It is easy to install as they are compact, lightweight, and can be carried onto the roof without any hassle. 

Moreover, tubes can be replaced when one gets damage, without the need for replacing the entire collector. The system is considered durable and efficient with the vacuum inside the collector tubes that last longer for years. 

  • The Flat Plate Collector – It contains an insulated box (on the bottom and side) with a glass or plastic cover on the top and an absorber present at the bottom. The structure of the solar panel is slightly less compact than the evacuated tube system but is available at economical prices. It works great in all climate conditions and has a good life expectancy.

Wrapping Up

If you own a suitable type of property, installing a solar thermal system can be a valuable investment to save a significant amount on bills each year. This way you will be reducing your carbon footprint, polluting emission, and of course, choosing an eco-friendly option.

At, you can find premium solar solutions in the Irish market that limits the use of fossil fuels and ensures to provide you with energy-saving options. We provide solar tubes, panels, thermal systems, heating, and plumbing components worldwide in a comprehensive manner with no compromises to quality and customer support. 



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