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What Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance Tips You Should Follow?

When you want to decrease your energy consumption bill, want to have safe and eco-friendly energy factor for your premise, investing in and installing a solar panel seems to be the best option.

When you are looking to invest in a solar panel, you know that this investment is for a long period and you need the panel to work efficiently to produce required energy as well as keep the panel functioning efficiently.

So, when you looking to invest in solar panels in Ireland, or anywhere else, you should look to remember and execute the below-mentioned tips.

Solar Panel Maintenance

  • Solar panels not only need to get direct sunlight for long to work efficiently to convert the solar energy into electricity, but this is also important for the overall functionality and effectiveness of solar panel components.
  • Always keep checking that the inverters are flashing green light regularly.
  • Keep record of day-to-day performance of solar panel for energy production to ascertain how much it is producing on different days, weather and as such.
  • Solar panels that come with a wall mounted display showcases information pertaining to panel servicing which you must take note of.
  • Keep checking for all the related components of your entire solar system time and again.
  • Go through the panel manual and check for the manufacturer instruction thoroughly.
  • Make sure to check for solar panel battery replacement, how it is functioning, when it has to be replaced, and how you should keep it working in optimal condition.

Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Cleaning your panels time and again is a very important step. You should opt for an automated cleaning system and kit that comes with the panels.
  • Whenever you see dirt or dust or moisture on your solar panel, then you should immediately clean and wipe that off.
  • To clean the panels clearly and effectively, make use of a long handheld wiper.
  • Do not use any abrasive soap or sponge when you are cleaning the solar panel. Similarly do not use any harsh material for cleaning as this can lead to damage of the panels and components.
  • For cleaning the panels regularly, having a hose running alongside the panels helps to keep away the dirt. Regular cleaning of dirt is necessary as it enables the panel to absorb sunlight much better.
  •  When you are engaged in panel cleaning, take all the precautionary and safety measures that will help you keep safe.

If someone says that solar panels do not need cleaning, then don’t believe them at all. These panels are regular and consistent working devices that need effective cleaning and maintenance.



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