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Vanity Mirror with Lights – Are They Worth the Price?

Many bathroom vanities use lighted mirrors to offer extra brightness and visibility, especially in a dark or isolated environment. Some mirrors have lights on the sides and bottoms for makeup application or grooming while others use backlit to provide a softer yet suitable amount of light.

When applying makeup, don’t overlook the most essential part and that is lighting. Understanding the benefits of vanity mirrors with lights and more elegant styles is the first step to know whether it fits your needs. 

Advantages of Lighted Vanity Mirror

If you would like to enjoy a lighted mirror in a bathroom or while doing makeup on a vanity, proper lighting conditions are vital. You will significantly appreciate the following benefits of a lighted vanity mirror:

  • Enhanced lighting experience – no need to get exhausted in a dark bathroom, a high-quality illuminated mirror can reduce this frustration and make things easier to handle.
  • More appealing bathroom – lighted mirrors are very attractive for guests and potential homebuyers. Also, frames in different shapes and sizes can be more visually appealing.
  • Improved operation – LED illuminated mirrors to use a wide range of enhanced features, such as dimmed lighting, coloured lighting, etc.
  • Value Boost – Such minor changes to your vanity or bathroom can elevate the value of a home 
  • Improved Design – These include backlit mirrors and many other elements to create a subtle yet useful radiance that can lighten up the bathroom in an elegant manner.

Things to Consider When Buying a Lighted Vanity Mirror


The space you’re planning to install the mirror is likely to decide its size. If you have a large vanity table, you can install a large mirror or if you have a small space in a bathroom, you can go for a wall-mounted vanity mirror, which is captivating and functional.

Dimmer feature

This feature allows you to set it to your preference and environment. Suppose, if you’re applying makeup in a broad daylight, use natural light, combined with a warm, bright LED light.

Energy efficiency

LED lighting is likely to be economical and energy-efficient which can save you a lot in the long run. These savings are evident especially when you’re using vanity mirrors for professional use.

Look and Design

LED vanity mirrors are very useful, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look good. They offer amazing ambiance lighting and make a statement piece in the bathroom, dressing room, or bedroom. They can add a touch of sophistication, and fit modern as well as classic designs. 

Which is the Best Kind of LED Vanity Mirror?

There is a huge variety of vanity mirrors available, including a lighted makeup mirror with a dimmer for the table and wall, a vertical LED mirror with a touchscreen, and a large vanity mirror with lights. Go for a mirror that can be placed on a vanity dresser or wall-mounted. We recommend a portrait model for not just appearance and features, but also value for money.

Different users have different needs and lifestyles. If you’re seeking something unique and versatile for your vanity or bathroom, rest assured there are many options worth exploring.



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