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The Best Power Showers to Buy to Get the Best Experience in 2022

Bygone are the days of regular showers will dull shower heads. This is the era of power showers. These up-to-the-minute showers come with a good lot of features loaded in them and leverage the best experience every time you get in for a refreshing shower. 

Nobody likes to stand still in a cold shower where you find it hard to maintain a perfect temperature. So, it is a mandate to look for showers that come with logical controls, where you can tweak the heat up and down accordingly. 

Also, reliability is a thing that makes you reconsider your decision and go check for the brand. So, if these are a few of your queries, then stay tuned as well are about to discuss the best power showers to buy in 2021. 

Best Power Shower Consoles in Ireland

1. Mira Vigour Power Shower

With a fantastic thermostatic controller, the Mira Vigour Shower is the best power shower available in Ireland. With this power shower, you get to change the temperature of the water from factory setting (25 degree Celsius) to a safe max temperature of 55°C-65°C, just to avoid any unwanted hazards. Also, it comes with a 230-litre cistern which is quite a lot for your entire family to have a refreshing shower. With removable filters and removable check valves, this is probably the best power shower in our list. 

2. Aqualisa Aquastream

The costliest power shower in our list, this power shower is known for its performance. With the highest pressure of 18 litres per minute, this power shower can easily provide you with the kind of shower you would crave after an entire hectic day. With Aqualisa Aquastream, you get a two-stage rotary control to make sure that you have the perfect temperature and water flow while you are enjoying your shower.

3. Triton AS2000SR

This updated model from Triton is probably the quietest power shower in our list. Delivering a max speed of 14 litres per minute, this power shower it maintains a very quiet ambiance. Speaking of controls, the Triton AS2000SR is so user-friendly that even a kid can operate it with quite ease. It just comes with the start/stop button and regular as well as speed temperature controls.

4. Bristan Hydro Power 1500

Another budget friendly power shower in our list! This thermostatic power shower from Bristan is called Hydro Power 1500. Having a hassle-free design, this shower can leverage a maximum speed of 10 litres per minute. Although its low price, the Bristan Hydro Power 1500 is quite capable of maintaining a decent temperature and flow. 

5. Triton Collection 2 9.5kw Electric Shower

Now, if you are looking for a shower that looks amazing and are ready to negotiate about the power, then this is the power shower for you. The Triton Collection 2 9.5kw Electric Shower has an easy-clean feature that comes pretty handy in the day-to-day use. Moreover, with this power shower you also have a litter warning light that alarms you about the low water pressure. Definitely it is a good take for a mid-range aesthetic power shower. 

These are best showers that you should consider when you are tired looking for a power shower in Ireland. They are pretty well-priced and are quite user-friendly too. Pick anyone among them and you are never going to regret. But, which one to pick depends on what your preferences are. 

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