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Tec7 Products in Ireland - Everything you need to Know about Different Tec7 Products

Tec7 Products in Ireland - Everything you need to Know about Different Tec7 Products

Your usage of a product relies heavily on the quality, durability of the product as well as how well-equipped it is for your application. One of the popular industrial name is TEC7 which consists of a range of products for in multi-purpose uses.

Only the best MS Polymers are used to create TEC7 adhesives, giving our customers durability and the assurance that they are utilizing high-quality goods in their applications. 

When you are looking for TEC7 in Ireland, there are different product ranges of this brand. Following are the different Tec7 Products: 

TEC7 Trans Clear

  • Its transparency makes it a fantastic option for perspex, fish tanks, and window frame sealing and repair. 
  • Can be used on damp and dry surfaces 
  • Unusual bonding on the majority of materials without primer 
  • Totally odorless and free of any solvents or isocyanates 
  • Resists vibrations, dries without shrinking, and retains flexibility 
  • After curing, excellent chemical resistance 
  • Tensile strength of 22 kg per square centimeter 
  • Resistant against UV rays and the elements, as well as fungus and bacteria 
  • Simple to implement and organize

Tec7 Pur7 Pro B1 Expanding Foam

  • Very Low Expansion - 20% Maximum Expansion 
  • Defiant to Fire: Class B1 
  • Permanent Flexibility and 60-Minute Fast Curing 
  • Suitable for usage at -100C freezing temperatures 
  • Expansion Pressure Minimum 
  • The B1 fire-rated foam Tec7 Pur Pro is appropriate for a variety of mounting and insulating tasks.

TEC7 Remove All

How to Use 

  • To fully comprehend the product you are using, always read the technical data sheets. 
  • Take out as much of the product as you can; for example, if using Tec7, take out the bead first. To get rid of the residue, select All. 
  • Eliminate any dirt or dust. 
  • Use Remove All and let it soak into the surface. 
  • Repeat as required. 
  • After removing All has had time to work and you are satisfied with the outcome, remove the product from the substrate and give it a good water rinse.

TEC7 Plumbflush The New Concentrated Heating System Cleaner

  • Concentrated System Cleaner for Heating
  • It is appropriate for use with all water-based heating systems. 
  • Prevents sludging and aids in enhancing the functionality of your system's operating components 
  • Removes built-up deposits, lime, rust, and corrosion. 
  • Easy to use

TEC7 Tec Gun

  • The expert cartridge weapon. 
  • Excellent build 
  • Patented wear-reduction system 
  • Greater longevity 
  • Direct transfer from the handle to the bar 
  • Less pulling motions are required 
  • Broadcast from 12:00 to 1:00 (easier pumping and a more equal product flow) 
  • Painted and galvanized materials (no corrosion) 
  • Suitable with all common cartridges 
  • A visible cartridge holder 
  • The pistol can be hung up using a special hook during or after usage. 
  • Convenient handle

CA TEC7 Clean 

Application of CA Clean

  • To fully comprehend the product you are using, always read the technical data sheets. 
  • Use the foam trigger to apply on the appropriate stain. 
  • Permit the stain or soiling to work. 
  • Eliminate with a moist cloth 
  • If necessary, repeat step 5 after a thorough water rinse.

TEC7 X-Tack7 Instant Grab Adhesive

  • Coverings for walls and facades include plaster, real stone, brick, concrete, aluminum, and glass. 
  • All thermal ceiling panels, synthetic ceiling panels, wood, PVC, PUR, etc. 
  • Window frames: solid wood, coated aluminum, and synthetic 
  • Natural or painted door frames and window sills made of stone, brick, concrete, aluminum, brass, etc. reliable and secure. 
  • Marble, granite, Belgian blue stone, porous materials, and earthenware are used for floor, wall, and plinth tiles. 
  • Roof components: All roofing components consisting of wood, steel, or in conjunction with lead sheets and roof covering (excludes bitumen). 
  • Construction materials: All building materials are constructed of materials like copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and metal.

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are several other TEC7 Ireland products, including:

  • TEC7 Trans Metallic 
  • TEC7 Cleaner 
  • TEC7 Sealant 
  • TEC7 Pur B2 Expanding Foam 
  • TEC7 HP Clean 
  • TEC7 Roof – Roof Repair 
  • TEC7 Multi Clean7 
  • TEC7 Filler 300 ML 
  • TEC7 Filler 250 ML


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