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Is it Worth it to Install Thermostatic Radiator Valves in Your Home?

Is it Worth it to Install Thermostatic Radiator Valves in Your Home?

A thermostatic radiator valve is an integral part of radiator technology, widely used due to its significant value and easy functionality. You can consider installing TRV along with your radiator to increase a single boiler capability and enjoy different heating controls. It is usually used in combination with a room thermostat to adjust the heating while making sure rooms don’t overheat.

Note that your room thermostat isn’t sufficient, especially when you’re required to adjust the heating settings and want a powerful, compact insulated system. With TRV, you can set numbers parallel to the level of warmth you desire. It informs the boiler when to start and stop so once you achieve the desired temperature, radiators will be off, no matter whether thermostatic valves are open or not.

In this guide, we will go deeper into the working mechanism of TRVs and help you find out why it is a worthwhile investment to keep radiators up and running. 

What are Thermostatic Radiator Valves?

Thermostatic radiator valves serve the purpose of controlling the air temperature of a space by adjusting the hot water automatically. It gives more control over the temperature of the room, making your space warm and welcoming. If it is set properly, it can help create multiple heating zones throughout the room, instead of having one centralised boiler system as a core source of heat.

How does Thermostatic Radiator Valve Work?

It is a self-regulating valve that operates by changing the flow of hot water within a radiator. It encompasses two components, the valve head, and the valve body. When the room temperature starts to change, a capsule in the valve head expands, which alerts the valve body to either close or open. 

If it is getting too warm, the capsule expansion closes the valve and slows down the movement of hot water into the radiator. The room then cools, the valve gets open and the radiator starts to heat again.

As a whole, liquid capsules are considered cost-effective and reliable. It is very responsive to temperature changes whereas the wax takes time to expand. Thus, opt for TRV to smoothen the flow of water into the radiator.

The Power of Modern Thermostatic Radiator Valve

The newly designed TRV has been successfully replacing the basic wax valves. We recommend TRVs to our most customers due to their latest technology, reliable setup, and durability. A battery-powered thermostat with heat detection controls takes TRVs capabilities a notch higher, offering greater accuracy and flexibility than any traditional TRV.

With smart electronic TRVs, you can efficiently control the room temperature and move the pin upwards and downwards respectively. This eventually allows you to monitor and control the temperature of separate rooms at a few fingertips.

Are Installing TRVs Really Worth it?

Yes, absolutely! In a property with a decent number of rooms, installing TRV is a good idea, especially if there are unused rooms that are not worth heating in the first place. This can result in significant energy savings and gives you an intelligent heating system. 

With an easy maintenance procedure, your TRVs will in proper working condition for many years. If you require a smart heating solution in your home, TRVs will be your best bet to ensure savings and better heating controls. Moreover, it encourages environment-friendly practices and sustainability for our planet, that’s the main reason why we support TRVs.

You can browse our exclusive selection of thermostatic radiator valves and discover the best-suited heating system for your property.



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