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Is it Worth Investing in Mirror Radiators? Let's Find Out!

Is it Worth Investing in Mirror Radiators? Let's Find Out!

Mirror radiators can be an excellent way to enhance your home’s heating efficiency and upgrade the look. The styles, sizes, and possibilities are endless. There are tons of options to choose from, which will suit your preference and produce the right amount of heat for your room.

When you think about a designer radiator, you might end up with loud colours and artistic elements. But there is more to decorative radiators. Hallway mirror radiators can bring stylish appeal to your home with no hindrance to the home’s energy efficiency.

If the time has come to finally replace your old, outdated boiler and upgrade your heating system, learn more about mirror radiators to make a smart decision. So, let’s get started!

What are Mirror Radiators?

As it describes, mirror radiators are the one that has a mirror into the body, which means you will get a heating unit and designer mirror at the same time. Because of the sizes of our daily mirror, you may find vertical radiators in design and create a highly reflective surface, often suitable for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Benefits of a Mirrored Radiator

Want to know what really makes designer radiators so popular? With so many designs of radiators available in the market, mirror radiators are gaining a lot of attention lately and here’s why:


With an amazing heating system incorporated into a vital accessory, the mirror radiator is a valuable way to get the best deal. In the same price range, you will get a visual appeal, even when you’re not using it for heating purposes.

Flexible Heat Outputs

One of the best advantages of mirrored radiators is that they have flexible heat output units. Due to temperature changes in the bathroom, you can purchase it in dual fuel and electric heat options. This will save you more on energy bills, alongside designer radiators add a sense of aesthetics and efficiency to your property.

Space Saving

Mirror radiators are a wonderful addition to smaller bathrooms. You can consider pairing it with vertical and towel rail to create the most comprehensive solution to suit your bathroom needs.

Light in your Rooms

Mirrored radiators incorporating LED lights will bring more brightness and charm to your room due to reflective surfaces. The brighter and more spacious a room feels, the more comfortable and luxurious it will be.

Where to Install a Radiator?

The type of wall you have will give an idea of the best-fit radiator size and style for your room. If the wall is made from brickwork, solid masonry, or blockwork, you will have multiple choice of radiators. With correct fittings, even large radiators can be hung on solid walls. If the wall is designed with plasterboard having hollow space behind it, you will need to determine where the fittings run. 

Try to avoid radiators behind big pieces of furniture, as it will stop the heat from travelling around the room. Insulate the room if you’re hanging a radiator on an external wall.

Our mirror radiators are a practical choice for hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms because they give an illusion of a bigger, beautiful space. They can be a stylish addition to your property while giving maximum heat, depth, and comfort.



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