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7 Solar Panel Installation Mistakes That You Should Not Commit

7 Solar Panel Installation Mistakes That You Should Not Commit

The world at present is going through a big energy crisis. It is not something new, but the pace with which energy crises is rising, it presents a big question mark over the future.

There is no doubt that governments across the globe, and industry experts are stressing on the importance of switching to renewable or green energy sources. One such and most effective in this regard is solar energy.

Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels do provide long-term benefits for energy production, in terms of being eco-friendly as well as cutting the cost of energy consumption. And switching to this medium is the right call, whether for residential or commercial property. 

However, you can make the most of solar energy when you are properly installing solar panels in Dublin, or wherever you are situated.

Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Solar Panels

There are several mistakes you should be aware of and avoid while installing solar panels, as listed below:

1. Still Confused About Solar Panel Installation

Still in a dilemma whether solar panels will be right choice for you? Of course, it will be. We understand that solar panel installation could be a big investment considering finances. However, in the long run it will deliver higher benefits to you. Also, at present, government agencies and companies are promoting switch to solar energy giving rebates and rewards, which might not be there in the future.

2. Not Understanding Roof’s Structural Details

You not only need to have proper roof space for solar installation, but you should also consider that it will add some weight to your structure as well. Ensure that you don’t place solar panels near chimneys, swamp coolers and air vents. Your roofing material should also be taken into consideration so that you don’t face cracking issues afterward.

3. Not Considering Solar Panel Size & Capacity

What size and capacity your solar panel should be? It depends not only the roof, but several other factors as well that includes:

  • Your power consumption on average
  • Declines in natural efficiency
  • System’s inverter’s voltage settings
  • Orientation of the solar panel

These factors and many more, are critical to consider for deciding the solar panel size and capacity.

4. Keeping the Solar Panel Facing Away from the Sun

Your solar panels must be placed on the roof so that they get maximum sunlight throughout the day. It won’t help if they are facing away, or are under a shadow.

5. Not Picking the Right Quality Panel

While solar panel initial investment could be significant, it won’t help you if you go for a cheap product to save a few bucks more. Quality equipment will perform better, go a long way, and in the time you will see how your initial investment is paying your back.

6. No Proper Connection

Unorganized connecting cable, improper solar kits, or solar panel devices that won’t fit best with the entire system is a call for problem. Each and every facet of the solar panel system must be purchased and then installed in the best way possible.

7. Not Working with a Quality Installer

Everything will turn out good when you are able to have a professional and expert team handling your solar panel installation. Right from what you need, to how your solar panels should be installed, and how to maximize its working efficiency afterward, professionals will take you through each step.

Whether you are opting for residential or solar kits in Ireland, or elsewhere, your panel installation is a big process that has to be done with proper research and process.



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