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3 Signs That Tell Your Underfloor Heating System Needs Repair or Replacement

3 Signs That Tell Your Underfloor Heating System Needs Repair or Replacement

Your home heating needs the right equipment and setup. While earlier there were radiators as the preferred one, now underfloor heating system have become the better option, owing to its many benefits, which are:-

  • High energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Better in hygiene and caring
  • Running cost is low
  • Easy control of temperatures
  • Provides additional space
  • Can be installed with most floor spaces and types
  • Comfortable for every home type

Now, for most homeowners, they get secured after installing underfloor heating system. These are durable and work for years. These come in water and electric form. And one thing that you must understand is that like radiators, your underfloor system can also run into problems time and again.

When can this happen? What signs tell you that you need to repair or replace your underfloor heating system? Being equipped with knowledge to detect problems early on will help you prepare for repair at the early stage, or have it replaced (or replace the necessary components) so as to avoid any additional damage and costing? We tell you those below:

1. There Isn’t Any Heating

This one is an issue that you will recognize easily. And it is the time when you should have this inspected by a professional as soon as you detect this. The common issues that could hamper the system’s heating include blocked or leaking pipes, or air-locked pipes.

2. The Flooring Becomes Damaged

When the underfloor heating system isn’t working efficiently then it leads to issues like damage or warp or floor. This happens when the heating isn’t consistent throughout, or the system gets cooled down or heated up too quickly.

3. You Are Noticing Strange or Odd Noises

Are there any gurgling noises that you hear on a constant basis? Or is there any other kind of strange noise that you hear and it sounds like unfamiliar? May be that could be coming from your underfloor heating system? Check through all the equipment or systems in your home and if everything else is right then it means there is something wrong with your underfloor heating system. This is an issue that you can get resolved through bleeding, flushing of the system.

These are some common signs that you should detect at an early stage, and knowing this will help you take the right step at the right time. Make sure to hire or call professionals to resolve any issue related with your heated floors.



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