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Our Underfloor Heating Products

Underfloor heating is an excellent solution to heat your home through durable and flexible tubing that is installed on the floor. As it covers a large surface area than standard radiators, it improves efficiency and conveniently heats the room. You can always trust Suntask.ie to get an efficient selection of underfloor heating systems, designed to suit any kind of heat source and are easy to install in any type of floor covering. All feature thermostats, CAD plans, manifolds, connectors, pump pack and controls, UFH pipes, and underfloor heating accessories. * Underfloor Heating for Every Floor Surface - We have been offering cutting-edge heating and plumbing solutions for more than 10 years, with keeping optimised performance, reliability, and environmental safety as our priority. Heated floors create a comfortable environment with uniform heat distribution across the entire surface. Benefits: 1. Say ‘no’ to cold feet, enjoy more comfy warmth. 2. Uniform heat distribution. 3. Low temperature set point. 4. Great energy efficiency. 5. No high-temperature surface – safe, ideal for old people. 6. Gentle air circulation prevents airborne particles. 7. Dry floors avoid fungi growth. Explore our series of underfloor heating systems – suitable for floor-warming applications!