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Our Cylinders Products

Copper and Stainless Steel Cylinders Suntask.ie is a reputed supplier of hot water cylinders, featuring high-quality material, thermal store units, and a large capacity to cater to your specific needs. In response to low carbon emission heating solutions, we bring to you a large selection of cylinders and renewable heating systems designed to achieve optimum performance and efficiency. All products are rigorously tested to assure corrosive properties are restored and reach high-quality standards. We are working continuously with experts to adopt innovative ways of heat loss reduction and ensure 100% client satisfaction. * Copper Cylinders - A copper cylinder has been around since the advent of hot water cylinders, considering copper as an effective material to retain heat. It enables heat transfer within hot water cylinders, resulting in fast warm water and remarkable cost-savings. * Stainless Steel Cylinders - Because of the high tensile strength of stainless steel, it can withstand extreme pressure and is considered a cost-effective method to produce hot water. Unvented hot water cylinders have significantly increased in demand due to the delivery of main pressure hot water and highly preferred material for a sustainable future. Whatever the material you want, we have diverse knowledge to provide you with the right choice of cylinders in the shortest time possible. Explore more about our cylinders!