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Brass Manifolds | 6 Port Brass Manifold Auto Air Vent With Pressure gauge Suntask

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A light, durable, and fully furnished manifold centre for heating circuits that offers easy integration of heating flow and return to floor heating loops. Our premium range of brass underfloor heating manifolds are manufactured to international standard ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, TUV SUD, and WRAS to offer outstanding performance & reliability.


Our 6 port manifolds provide easy connection for 6 underfloor heating loops. The return manifold and flow manifold are connected to the mounting bracket that allows the underfloor heating flows to move onwards to the return manifold. The ball valves on the underfloor heating manifold connect the heat flow and return by the heat pump. 


To make sure the efficient performance of the system, a number of steps must be carried out when installing an underfloor heating manifold. All circuits need to be connected to the heat source, being the boiler or heat pump. Warm water is supplied to the circuit by the heat source, which might be mixed with cooler water returning from the floor circuit to increase efficiency by using a blending valve actuator to reach the optimal water temperature. This temperature should be set taking into consideration factors for instance heat losses, heat outputs, floor construction, and so on when installing. The flow rate of each circuit also needs to be set. Doing so will make sure each zone heats up as desired and efficiently through the optimal water temperature.


Each kit comes with a flow manifold, a return manifold, flow meter per port, isolation valve per port, isolation ball valves with temperature gauge, drain & fill point, pressure gauge, automatic air vents, and pre-fitted mounting bracket for easy installation.


Our distribution and control manifolds are commonly used for underfloor heating systems only but can also be used for wall hung radiator systems. A temperature gauge is in place to ensure the water is at the correct temperature for the underfloor heating circuits. With a pump, it will be made sure there is sufficient flow for the longer length of pipe used.


An underfloor heating manifold distributes warm water to each underfloor heating zone by connecting the pipes to the heat source and feeding water from either the boiler via a blending valve or from the heat pump at the correct temperature, directing it to each underfloor heating tube at the correct flow rate. It is possible to control multiple zones at once with a manifold which allows each zone to be warmed up to a different temperature desired by the user. In general, a zone refers to an individual room in a house that is controlled by the own thermostat. The heat loss of each zone influences the flow rate water runs through each coil of tube. As a result, there must be a balance in the system to ensure the flow is distributed correctly. The difference in the length of tubes also makes the situation more complicated. The underfloor heating manifold is the control centre of the system that makes sure the correct flow of water is pumped into each zone to heat up the room to the desired temperature.


At Suntask, you can find manifolds that are made up of between 2 to 12 ports. These ports are where the tube connects, and they function in pairs of flow and return. Warm water feeds the flow manifold and the temperature of which is shown on the temperature gauge. When the heat is required by a zone, flow gauges indicate the water flow and incorporate the setting valve to enable water flow through the tube and arrive back at the return manifold. Whether or not the water will flow through each individual tube is controlled by the valves on the return manifold, which are monitored by actuators connected to the thermostat in that zone. Multiple actuators may be controlled by one thermostat if there is more than one tubing in that zone.


There is a temperature valve on the return rail to assess the difference in water temperature between flow and return which is handy during commissioning to make sure everything is working accurately. The drain & fill point is used during installation to flush water through the pipes to get rid of the air in the system. Any small amounts of air in the system will be let out by the auto air vent. The pressure gauge is used to assess pressure during the pressure test.


The application of manifolds in underfloor heating and wall hung radiator systems brought about a revolution which allows you to move away from the traditional “ring” circuit underfloor heating system to a “star” patterned system. This has compelling advantages in speeding up the installation and commissioning. A star system can reduce installation time by 40% depending on your choice of pipe by eliminating as much as 75% of joints or more. Although there is an increase of cost in pipe metreage and of the manifold itself, the less usage of joints will offset the costs. The remaining joints are limited to radiators and the manifold which minimises leaking potential. In the case where leak did happen, it is easy to isolate just the circuit that is leaking, and the rest of the underfloor heating system can continue to function.


Centrally located manifolds can improve the speed that the last radiator in a traditional “ring” circuit receives its hot water which avoids the problem where one radiator produces heat better before another. Hydraulic balancing between circuits in the underfloor heating system or radiator system is also significantly improved and can be monitored with an integrated flow meter on the manifold. There is also better energy control on each individual radiator.


Manifolds enable central control from one location: hydraulic balancing, flow and temperature control, filling, draining, and isolation, all of which reduce time to installation, commissioning, and maintenance on site. By installing manifolds as part of the first fix, they play a key part in pressure testing. You can isolate and pressure test the fitted pipework at this point.


We provide free design of underfloor heating systems when you buy all parts from us. Give us a call 01-5394317.

Each premium manifold kit includes:

  • 1x flow manifold

  • 1x return manifold

  • Flow meter per port

  • Isolation valve per port

  • Isolation ball valves

  • Drain & fill point

  • Pressure gauge

  • Automatic air vents

  • Pre-fitted mounting bracket

  • Eurocone pipe connectors (16mm)-Not Included,Buy Separate Here


Technical data

MaterialNickel plated brass
Usual working temperature82°c
Maximum working pressure10bar
Maximum working temperature105°c
Maximum test pressure10bar
Manufacturing StandardsISO9001, ISO14001, CE, TUV SUD, WRAS


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